Thursday, 12 June 2008


As far as I understand it, the problem is that we are in a credit crunch and are trying to avoid rising inflation at the same time. As far as I understand it it was to avoid this kind of situation that the Bank of England became independent of government. So tell me why is everybody in such a bad way. When I first bought a fridge it cost an enormous part of my wages now it cost the same as filling my car twice with petrol. You can't ask people to keep their wages down while allowing prices to rise.
Gordon could ease the pain of the fuel crises by stopping the duty on the vat that we pay for the petrol. He could stop it for the time while petrol is above the pound mark. Ah I hear you say that means that we the tax payer will be susidising petrol companies. Well if you start making it law that imported cars must have bio-fuels only. If cars start to not use petrol then the petrol that would be used to run cars would become a surfiet and consequently cheaper. I realise that this may be fantasy in the short term but how about having some form of integrated thought, in other words joined up government.
There are riots in the streets in Europe due to food shortages, caused by the transport system falling apart due to the increase in petrol;. I hate to remind the students of history the last time there was a food shortage in Europe. If you think that the BNP are not going to take advantage of this failure in government, you are mistaken.
The answer lies in the governments hands. Reduce duty, get the Govenor of the Bank of England to resign. He should have done so after the Northern Rock debacle, and get someone in with radical ideas, after all how worse can it get, I suppose the trouble is in the past its always been the ploy to get out of an economic slump by having a war, well we've got one so we can't start another.
What the public ned to see is confident action. Stop keeping to a moribund policy that is obviously not working and adapt to the situation. I am sorry but when people are in threat of not being able to pay their bills,affording their mortgage and having to cut back on food, while a footballer has been rumoured to be offered 300,000 a week, something is radically wrong. If football clubs can offer such sums then two things are obvious, they are not paying enough tax or they are living on credit that they will never be able to pay back.
By the way can someone tell me what we are going to do with all the extra nuclear waste that the new stations are going to produce when they come on line. We can't cope with the ordinary waste that we produce. For the cost of one of the new power stations how about supplying every house with solar panels. Cheaper and healthier in the long term.
Though I do criticise Gordon Brown a lot, I must praise his unflinching stance on Robert Mugabe. The situation in Zimbabwe is unforgivable and should be ended, not by us but by the other African nations who should act not for economical reasons but humanitarian ones.

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Anonymous said...

Ah the Brilliant and (especially) dashing Chris!

Three cheers for your solar panel suggestions!

And let me add, now is the time to put electricity generating windmills on every bridge and office tower, because soon petrol and other petroleum products will be a lot more expensive than today, making building solar panels and windmills (and everything else) a lot more expensive.

Behind the petrol crisis is the strange fact it ought never have become a crisis -- because the trends that led us to this terrible place have been known for a very long time. Worldwide discoveries of oil per year peaked in 1964. Since then, we still discover oil, but what is found is less each year, and more expensive to recover.

As the discovery curve falls, so falls the production curve. The oil wells that produce most of what the world relies on, oilwise, are mostly decades old and many are in decline, or about to be in decline. This pattern is not news: in the United States discoveries peaked in the 1930s, and production peaked in 1970 and has fallen ever since with the relentless symmetry of a bell curve.

Americans, of course, knew what to do: build more SUVs, let the national rail system continue to decline, thank heavens for trucks which are 3x to 10x less efficient than rail. America, leading the way to apocalypse, sure, but with country & western music. No other empire can make that claim!

The tradegy is not the price of oil, but that we built a culture on it knowing for so long that it would be unsustainable.

Yours in Bicycling