Sunday, 30 November 2008

MP Arrest

So Damien Green was questioned for 9 hours and then let go home. Questions have been raised in the House, David Cameron and various members of the front benches on both sides are demanding an enquirey. Good thing he wasn't black or a muslim then. After all with such a serious subject as passing government information to another could be construed under the present climate as terrorism. In which case he could have been held for up to 42 days or actually even longer if the authorities so want, but as an MP he was let go.
I hope the various political parties learn from this the next time they decide to erode our civil liberties any more. If it had been someone else they may still be languishing in prison. Waiting for a trial where no evidence would be produced but it would taken as read that it would endanger the country's security.
We now live in a climate of privelidge. If you work in a bank then we will help you out, if you work in Woolworths then it is market forces. Thats comforting for the 25,000 employees of Woolworths that are about to lose their jobs. Surely there has to be some consistency in these decisions.
I am also getting furious about the fuss that the government has dropped VAT. Great! They should have done this months ago when they were telling us that the recession was coming. Economic policy should have been put into place then not now. The idea that somehow paying 45pence in the pound is so bad, well it would be to all the newspaper editors who earn salaries in excess of £150,000. The trouble is that they still wont pay the full amount because they can afford accountants to get them out of paying. Of course they are all patriots as long as it doesn't cost them money.
How are we going to pay for all this borrowing the media cry? Well how about floating the shares of all the banks that we now own when the economy gets better. Simple economics really, so why does it take someone like me to know this but far more qualified people don't. I am expecting a new reality show to hit our screens soon; "I'm a wealthy banker get me out of the shit that I made for myself"
The trouble is that its not just us. Everybody throughout Europe and America is having a bad time. The world is falling apart because of a simple lack of common sense. Doesn't anybody realise that a housewife would prefer to pay an extra 2p on her tin of beans than have the threat of losing her house and job. Its up to her to buy or not to buy. Don't tell me about inflation when the utility companies, and the transport companies can put up their prices, the oil producing nations can hold back oil production because the price is too low. Not for us but for them. We have to pay the price for others greed, so its about time that the government and the financial services agency started having teeth and fining or even sequestering financial institutions that are being too reckless, and stop other institutions from profiteering.If you haven't realised that economics is the new weapon where have you been. Do you think that Putin is really just good mates with Chavez. Its imperialism by another name and that name is economics.
There are statutes to allow the government to do this. Thatcher brought them in in her religious war against the unions. Lets see a bit of muscle. Its ok to arrest and detain an MP, lets see some of the CEO's from the banks get arrested and have to argue their mistakes.
Just one final note. With all these economic problems going on, one of the services to get hit, because it always does is the Social workers. They have a shitty job and do it remarkably well in often very trying conditions. Occasionally and tragically things go wrong, as baby P. This is where we need investment, because if he had survived he would have grown up knowing only violence and the consequences of that with him as an adult do not bear thinking about. Three things.
1) more investment and communication with all the agencies. It wouldn't take much to have a single department made up of social workers, doctors and the police that social workers in the field could go to if they have any second thoughts but feel unable to progress the investigation any further.
2) Any act of violence that results in the permanent scarring or broken bones of a child be subjected to serious investigation. If it is proven that it was done on purpose then they should arrested and have a minimum sentence of 10 years. Those around the child are guilty if they have not reported or intervened. The French have a law which makes it so that if you see a crime happening and do nothing you can be prosecuted. It only takes one phone call and it could save a life.
3) lastly and by far the hardest thing is to start creating communities again. Everyone is so insulated. The way to do this is by stop having the climate of fear of repercussions. If a young person does something and you tell them off and they attack you, then they get 10 years in prison. If you are subjected to harrasment from family and friends then they will get 15 years in prison. There will always be those that won't take any notice, but I wouldn't like to go to prison for my mate's act of stupidity especially a longer sentence than the one he got.
Let baby P be known by his name. Not an initial. He deserves that after so many have failed him, he should have at least his name. I suppose they don't want to use it because it will embarass those connected with the family. Well maybe it should then it might not have happened in the first place. Resposibility should be rewarded those that shirk it should be despised.

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