Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Royal Mail

Firstly let me congratulate Peter Mandelson on actually speaking his mind over the comments from the Head of Starbucks. It was a refreshing act of truth and emotion.
Now let me condemn him as well over the sale of the Royal Mail to a private company, well 30% of it. Two things come to mind, the first being where the hell has he been for the past ten years? Has the debacle of the privatised companies passed him by? Did he not notice the rise in energy prices by private companies? Energy that we once owned and we were the share holders. Now it seems that that has been overlooked. The energy companies didn't need to make a profit as there were no shareholders to placate. The railway system has never been in a worse state. It costs over a hundred pounds to travel from Birmingham to London on the same day and its slower than it was a hundred years ago and it is still subsidised by the tax payer. If you run state based economies and companies on anything but altruistic means then you are going to be in serious trouble.
This brings me to the main point. Isn't about time that the government stopped relying on experts and civil servants and actually started asking the people who do the job their opinion? Any junior school child can tell you that sats don't work, most of the teachers would agree but all these years later they have decided to have a review. If you want to know about the post office ask a postman, the railways a train driver and you will hear more sense in one afternoon than any amount of government committees.
After all it was the experts that got us into an unwinnable war and a spiralling economic system. Just because someone is the MD or CEO of a large company doesn't follow that they know anything about that company or even the industry. They maybe there because of the shares they own, or perhaps its part of another company that they own. Just an aside don't you think it might be a good idea that if the MD or CEO has a knighthood and the company goes bust putting people out of work that he might lose it. It's a small thing but even small punishments count. My advice is make it compulsory for every cabinet minister to watch Back to the Floor. Its not just about everyday life but its about my life and every other individual's in this country. You stop thinking about people as human beings and only as statistics then two things happen, you get dictatorships and people start getting locked up without trials and start to disappear.Sound familiar?
How is it that education can't have enough money but we can sustain a war in two counties and MI5 can double its members of staff. The two submarines that collided, well the damage to the British sub is estimated at £50 million. How many Hospital wards could be staffed with decent wages and fitted out with the latest equipment, how many schools could be fully staffed with good teachers teaching smaller classes. I don't think we even realise how near and how lucky we are it wasn't worse. Just remember that there are countries in the world that don't even have our expertise.
Just one final point before I go. This is a labour government, a government dedicated to equality and state ownership. I never saw selling off the post office as part of the manifesto and yet there seems a lot that was in it that seems to be again overlooked. Keir Hardy would turn over in his grave, but I think that under this regime he maybe trade marked, branded and sold to the highest bidder. One clean conscience going to the highest offer, though a consortium would be considered.

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